The Ultimate Watch Guide - Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Smartwatch Qualcomm SDW411 Specs, Features & Review

The Ultimate Watch Guide - Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Smartwatch Qualcomm SDW411 Specs, Features & Review

The Ultimate Watch Guide - Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Smartwatch Qualcomm SDW411 Specs, Features & Review

Ticwatch Pro 3 is a smartwatch designed to be worn by those who want a stylish, classy yet practical smartwatch. It has a beautiful design with leather band, a high resolution touch screen display, a built in GPS module and a lot of features that will make this smartwatch the perfect companion.

The Ticwatch Pro 3 is the latest generation smartwatch, offering a modern user interface and some great features. It’s waterproof, which is one of its strongest points, and boasts a new dual-core processor, a more accurate GPS, and a new compass sensor, among other things. The Ticwatch Pro 3 is available in multiple colours, including two special editions, and runs on Android Wear 2.0, so it’s compatible with all Android smartphones.

We are going to cover everything you need to know about this watch to help you decide if it is the right fit for you!

 Watch Style

This is the best of the best. The Ticwatch Pro 3 is arguably the best looking smartwatch available right now, and that goes for the Ticwatch Pro 2 as well. The Ticwatch Pro 3 also comes with an upgraded CPU, better speaker, and longer battery life than any other Ticwatch Pro. While the Pro 2 is still a great choice, the Pro 3 really pushes the envelope when it comes to design and features.

The Ticwatch Pro 3 has a very nice leather strap, and it looks so cool. It is water resistant as well, which makes it perfect for taking swimming, running, or going to the beach. If you want a comfortable watch that lasts you for a long time, then the Ticwatch Pro 3 is the best option. The Pro 3 is also very easy to use. To answer calls, simply press the button on the side of the watch. The watch will vibrate to let you know that you have a call. When you receive a text message, the LED light will blink to let you know that you have a new message. The watch can last up to five days on a single charge.

 Watch Face

A lot of people who are interested in watches like to wear them on their wrists, but what if you have to wear them on your arm, for instance, in a business meeting? With the new Ticwatch Pro 3, the answer is yes. The watch face looks like a traditional analog watch, but there are features inside the watch that make it an all-around better watch than the majority of watches on the market. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that is both fashionable and durable, then look no further.

The Ticwatch Pro 3 has some pretty impressive features, but it doesn't look that unusual. The watch face is reminiscent of a traditional analog watch, but with the addition of the smart features inside the watch.

The watch is easy to use. Just tap the screen and you can access the apps. There is a single button on the right side of the watch face. This is used for taking photos and videos and changing settings. The button is also used to turn the watch off or on. There are three buttons below the button on the left side of the watch face. These buttons are used to adjust the volume, select the language, and the brightness level.

 Watch Body

With the new Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra, Qualcomm has decided to move on from the traditional circular design of the previous generation Ticwatch Pro and Ticwatch E2. Instead, the watch body is designed in a straight line with rounded edges. It also features a completely new interface which brings the user a more modern smartwatch experience.

It is no surprise that Ticwatch Pro 3 has a different appearance from its the previous modle. In fact, the new model doesn't resemble its predecessors at all. You might think that the new model looks very similar to Samsung Gear S3, but it doesn't really look like that. It has rounded edges and a larger display than the Ticwatch Pro 2. The screen is also much brighter. It has a smaller speaker than its predecessor. If you compare the two watches side by side, you will see that the new model is much lighter than its predecessor. It is almost half the size of the Ticwatch Pro 2.

 Watch Case

It is easy to see that this watch case is quite thin, but it has many advantages, including its light weight and comfortable wearing. So the best thing about it is that it can be carried everywhere easily, including to gym.

This is one of the best watches available. It is stylish and lightweight. That's why it is very popular. This watch can be used by men and women alike. It is ideal for both formal occasions and casual outings. This is the perfect accessory for both men and women.

 Watch Battery Life

We all want our watches to last as long as possible. But we never want to sacrifice features for the sake of battery life. With the Ticwatch Pro 3, you can enjoy the benefits of premium features like GPS tracking and smart notifications without the need to worry about whether you’ll be able to make it home before the battery drains. Thanks to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear 2100™ processor, you’ll be able to get the most out of your device and your activity, and even set up multiple profiles to help keep track of your day.

If you are tired of constantly worrying about how much battery your watch has, you should consider purchasing a watch with a longer lasting battery. The new TicWatch Pro 3 will give you the best features, but also a more reliable battery. The new watch has a larger battery that will help you to last longer when you are away from your charging station. It's one of the best features of the watch because you will always know how much power you have left. It will show you the remaining time and the percentage that the battery has left. 

 Watch Water Resistance

The watch can take around 20 meters of water pressure (equivalent to a depth of up to 1 meter). The watch comes with a 5 ATM rating (5 bar of water resistance) and uses a heart rate monitor sensor called a PulseON.

The 5 ATM rating means that the watch can withstand a 5 meter drop in water pressure. The watch can be used by both professional divers and scuba divers.

 Watch Connectivity

It is not possible to have a watch without having a connection to your smartphone. This is due to the fact that watches have become the new mobile phones. The watch industry has changed in the past year and half because the use of smartwatches has increased drastically and the demand for them is growing at a fast pace. There are a lot of smart watches on the market, but it is very important to consider what type of device is needed for your purpose.


The TicWatch Pro 3 Qualcomm SDW411 Watch is a hybrid smartwatch with a sleek design, impressive battery life, and lots of features. It works with both Android and iOS smartphones and will show notifications on the watch face. It comes with two options: either have the screen off when you’re not looking at it, or display everything all the time. And the watch has a fitness tracker function that tracks your steps, calories, distance, and heart rate, and keeps a running tally of your workouts, while also displaying your pace and distance. There’s also an activity tracking feature that monitors your sleep and rest, and provides tips to improve your sleep patterns.

The watch face has two main parts: the crown and the screen. You can move the crown up and down to navigate the watch face. It has 12 icons on the screen. The first five are customizable. You can select between weather, calendar, clock, music


The Ticwatch Pro 3 Qualcomm SDW411 is an interesting watch. Its design is very nice and simple, yet its features are quite complex. It's meant to be an easy, comfortable way to track and manage your day to day life. It's a smart watch, but not a fully featured smart watch. It's meant to be an entry level smart watch, which means that it doesn't have all the features of a smartwatch. So, if you're looking for a smart watch, and you want all the features of a smart watch, this isn't the watch for you. But if you're just looking for a new smart watch, or if you already own a smartwatch, and are looking for something a little simpler or cheaper



Ticwatch Pro 3 has been built for those who value a watch that offers the perfect blend of classic style and function. It has a stainless steel case and bracelet that are designed to be as durable as they are beautiful. The watch also offers a high level of comfort thanks to its rubber strap, which provides great support and fits comfortably on the wrist. The watch also comes with a range of features that allow the user to track a broad range of sports and fitness related activities.

The Ticwatch Pro 3 is the successor to the Ticwatch Pro 2, which was a popular smartwatch among many fitness enthusiasts and consumers, so it was a logical progression to release the Ticwatch Pro 3, which is a complete redesign of the original, and brings several new features and improvements. However, this doesn't mean that the Ticwatch Pro 3 has been left behind; it's still got all of the features and functionality that make it a good choice for anyone looking to improve their fitness, monitor their activity, and stay connected.


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